Hariye Fela Bhalobasha HD Video Song Download Online

Hariye Fela Bhalobasha HD Video Song Download Online- Habib Wahid (2015) | Sangeeta exclusive

Hariye Fela Bhalobasha HD Video Song Download Online

More Information :

Habib Wahid  is really a  Bangladeshi composer, musician  alog with singer. His  functions   are usually   an  fusion  connected with  traditional Bengali folk music  with  contemporary techno  and also urban beats. His music  is actually  mainly influenced  through  British Bangladeshis, while he  am  living  on the  UK  to be a  student.
Wahid born as well as brought up  in  Dhaka Bangladesh. He attended South Breeze School  with  Dhanmondi. His father,Ferdous Wahid, the  pop singer  throughout   ones  1970s  AND  1980s.  a few   many years  later, he went  to be able to  England  with  pursuit of higher education  AND  studied music  as well as  audio engineering  with the  School  connected with  Audio Engineering  throughout  London.he  can be   in addition   the  solo singer.
Wahid  is  married  in order to  Rehan.

Hariye Fela Bhalobasha

*   Artist: Habib Wahid
*   Tune & Music: Habib Wahid
*   Lyrics: Goonjohn Rahman
*   Cast: Habib Wahid, Peya Bipasha
*   Label: Sangeeta



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