INNA Yalla Watch Now Full Hd Official Music Video & Free Download Online

INNA Yalla Official Music Video Full Video Hd Free Watch And Download Online

 INNA Yalla Watch Now Full Hd Official Music Video & Free Download Online

Information :

Yalla  is usually a  song recorded  via  Romanian  recording  artist INNA  for  her fourth studio album, INNA (2015),  Along with  their  Japanese release, Body  as well as the  Sun (2015).  It is introduced   on   two  November 2015  together with   it is  digital remix EP.”Yalla”  am   written by  Marcel Botezan, Sebastian Barac  AND ALSO  Nadir Tamuz Augustin, whilst  production is handled  because of the   1st  two, under  your own   brand   regarding  Play & Win. A music  online video   because of its  song  feel   sent  coming from  Barna Nemethi  as well as  premiered  at  Inna’s YouTube channel  in  12 November 2015,  during which   It’s since amassed  more than  28  million  views.The  working is met  in  good reviews. Hitfire praised  the  song’s beats  AND  Inna’s vocals,whilefurthermore  comparing  your own  track  in order to   largest  Lazer’s “Lean On”.

A music video clip pertaining to “Yalla” is produced at 12 November2015  onto  Inna’s YouTube channel,by which It amassed  more than 28  thousand  views  As   associated with  February 2016.The video  runs  regarding   a  duration  involving  three minutes  IN ADDITION TO  16 seconds.It  feel filmed  within  Marrakesh, Morocco  by  Barna Nemethi.The online video has  belly dancers, camels,  a good  Arabic bazaar plus the  Moroccan desert.The story of your clip  provides  Inna being chased  through a good  Moroccan man  by using a  Arabic-like setting. Hitfire praised  your own  clip, stating The item  “it matches  your own oriental style  of an  song”.It is  released on   only two  November 2015  using   the  digital remix EP.

=== Writer(s) ==> Marcel Botezan, Sebastian Barac, Nadir Tamuz Augustin, Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu Producer(s)

=== Format ==> Digital download

=== Recorded ==> 2014; Carriage House Studios (Nolensville, Tennessee)

=== Genre ==> House

=== Length ==> 3:17

===Label ==> Empire, Roton

=== Released ==> 3 November 2015

=== Producer(s) ==> Play & Win


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